sexta-feira, 15 de março de 2013

"Fake it 'till you become it" ou como a postura faz toda a diferença

By Amy Cuddy numa TED talk para toda a gente.

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noiseformind disse...

I had my TED moment a couple of years ago at Nice...

"And then it happened. My boss called. From Paris. To rush hastelly to the South of France. What??????????? I was in my way to London, for criyng out loud! Don't U people respect a guy's agenda? Get one for yourself, you fucking twat!

Yes, he had one, but it had to be changed because of his daughter's accident. He would travel to Lyon to be with his family and somehow I needed to manage to fly into the South of France in the next 12 hours. "to do what?" I asked.

"To speak at my alma matter about our latest projects in Abu Dabi in the context of the FDIC bidding."

For a second I was gobsmacked. My boss is considered the closest thing to God in FDIC arbitration, litigation and protocol. And I am an wise-ass that five years ago wouldn't figure a Red Book structure from a JCT one. So I was kind of humbled by the thing. Very humbled. Extremely humbled. And worried. Because the last thing you want is to give yourself a reason to be disappointed with yourself. Other people disappointed, no problem, no problem at all. They don't know how hard it was, they don't know you fiblleshly you fought that fight, how hurt you were. But to disappoint people that are the future of project management by not being perfect? I was sweating like a pig for a couple of seconds.

And then it hit me. All this people with me, all this responsibility. Thousands of people need my signature just to get their salary. That's hard. That is really hard. So this, this 400 alumni in some worn-out university in the South of France. Peace of Cake, bring them on!

All went well. I didn't even had a presentation. I limited myself to be a little more honest with them than the rest of the speakers in order to give to those students something useful for their future careers.By the end of the presentation I had 3 job offers, a dinner with some very nice looking future civil engineers and the friendship of some heavily connected people in the project engineering world.

But the biggest honor was due. At my arrival to Rabat I had this lovely Olympo S.T. Dupont stylo waiting for me. From my boss, thanking me for the inspiring moment.

For the first time in 5 years I felt that I had truly achieved something...

I felt light like a feather. And confident as a bull just before charging to the matador's sword. This is success, no matter how much money you stack in the process of collecting this treasured moments."

Pusinko disse...

O teu TED moment foi fixe :)
Tenho de estar atenta ao meu, já que, pelos vistos, surgem do nada e são imperativos.

(João Pedro Pais? Não ouvia há anos)

DN disse...

obrigada pela partilha, e parabéns a ti e ao blog
prosecco com amoras e mirtilos ;)

DN disse...

ps - levei emprestado!

Pusinko disse...

Obrigada :D
O bloguinho é parvinho mas nao é muito má res. E com prosecco é logo outro nível..

Leva e espalha palavra! As TED talks sao mega.