sexta-feira, 4 de março de 2011

A ouvir #8: Moonlight cocktail - Glenn Miller

à falta de uma versão cantada no masculino que adoro e não encontro e, depois de uma busca intensa por um vídeo que  não esteja bloqueado por cópiruaitess, fica este, com a melodia :o)

Couple of jiggers of moonlight and add a star,
Pour in the blue of a June night and one guitar,
Mix in a couple of dreamers and there you are:
Lovers hail the Moonlight Cocktail.

Now add a couple of flowers, a drop of dew,
Stir for a couple of hours 'til dreams come true.
Add to the number of kisses, it's up to you.
Moonlight Cocktail - need a few.

Cool it in the summer breeze
Serve it in the starlight underneath the trees.
You'll discover tricks like these
Are sure to make your Moonlight Cocktail please.

Follow the simple directions and they will bring
Life of another complexion where you'll be king.

You will awake in the morning and start to sing
Moonlight Cocktails are the thing.

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