quarta-feira, 7 de novembro de 2012

Dos votos de ontem, por quem foi votar

Um comentário a este texto:

"I would bet money that in 4 years we will see Christie and Jeb Bush on the Ballot running for the republican nomination. Whoever wins will have Rubio on the V.P ticket. If i had $1,000 I'd bet money on it. That is pretty much an easy play on the Republican side, the question who will be running for the Democrat ticket and who could compete with Christie or Jeb? Right now there are no Dems with the national clout of either character. This presidential race is over but the next scares me a bit. I am keeping my fingers crossed that a competitive Dem will emerge, but i have my doubts."
(by Mr. Cordell)

E é nisto que a porca torce o rabo porque, para já, estamos safos.

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