sábado, 14 de março de 2009

Yap Yap Yap

I just came back from Fe. & Siamac's B-day party.
I'll post some pics later on, if I ever get them. Which may never happen..
It was cool seeing so many friends and meeting new people as well. However, since I have been suffering from acute back pain for the last 2 days, I was on muscle relaxant (woooo), and therefore not allowed to drink alcohol. Such mixture may turn the already "funny" 2ary effects I've been experiencing into "very funny/unexpected" ones.
It was a private party in a bar with a giant and serious looking security guy making sure nobody was getting in without being invited. While all the others were dancing and enjoying the techno DJ, I was trying out the sofas nicely displayed in the room. Techno music all the time and Pusinko unable to dance (not that I love this style.. but at least I could move a bit). Afterwards we moved to 2 other bars which were closed and we ended up in a quite famous and kitsch gay bar in the center. The music, the people, and lights... amazing change.

I go to sleep.

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