terça-feira, 24 de fevereiro de 2015

Postcard to Thessaloniki

"What's up Larry?"

I went back to (our) Amsterdam because of you, the AA crew* and Jazz (Alto, forever Alto).... to Nysiros (oh lovely island) because of you, the sun, grilled octopus and Retsina wine.... Thessaloniki because of you, the sun, grilled octopus and Retsina wine... I happen to like cephalopoda too much (and cold Retsina by the way) but I also like hugs full of old memories and laughs and I get all that every time we meet. 
Once again three days were enough to have a story to (not) tell next time the AA* meets. Until then, a few pics of the Bizantine city kissed by the sun and the sea:

 Under everyone's umbrella 

Dinner for 2

Evil triangle pastries......

The original Frappé coffee 

The best sauce ever served with mussels

Sun & Sea (the SS that matters)

The city walls

They do have good coffee 

One day I will read it I promise

Doc, you know how they say "See you in Berlin!"

* AA refers to our crew in Amsterdam. It does not stand for Alcoholics Anonymous (though there was alcohol involved at times but we turned out OK).

4 comentários:

filipe disse...

AA is for that kind of batteries, of course!!

Pusinko disse...

AA also stands for a kind of batteries but in this case it does have another meaning.
O "Larry" a quem me dirijo no post nao fala portugues, mas os comentários podem ser em em modo Camoes :)

S* disse...

Uauuuu... que sonho!

Pusinko disse...

Publiquei o post quando celebrei 10 anos de sair de casa (e país já agora). Amesterdam foi a 1a paragem e o Larry faz parte do pequeno grupo que ainda hoje mantém contacto entre si. Calhou de o ir visitar a sitios bonitos :)