terça-feira, 3 de dezembro de 2013

Daquilo que é realmente visceral

ao nível dos testes cosméticos em animais, é cirurgia estética promovida por donos acéfalos que deviam ser temperados com cal e cozidos em fogo brando.


"A cat has claws, most dogs bark. All animals come with certain “accessories.” If a person is unable or unwilling to deal with a particular set of “extras,” then maybe another choice of companion should be suggested. Instead of a cat why not get a bunny, or an aquarium. The choices are almost endless. Or should we be so bold as to suggest that maybe certain individuals are not qualified to share their lives with another creature? Perhaps owning an animal might be better thought of as a privilege and not a right. In any relationship there needs to be willingness to compromise. I suggest that it is time for pet owners to take responsibility for their decisions and actions, too, just as we must do as veterinarians."

O tema nao é recente, mas continua "in", infelizmente.

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